Everyone loves their pets.
We care about the things that matter most to you – like helping to make sure that your pet takes the custom-compounded medications that your veterinarian has prescribed. Stephens Compounding Pharmacy has dozens of flavors that appeal to pets and make “pill time” a breeze. To learn more about a specifically compounded preparation that has been prescribed, you call the pharmacy at 843-686-3040 and speak with the pharmacist.

Why might your veterinarian prescribe a compounded medication?
Compounded medications are prescribed when a veterinarian determines that the appropriate treatment is not otherwise available from a pharmaceutical manufacturer or is not available in the strength, dosage form, flavor or package size the veterinarian thinks is necessary for treatment. When your veterinarian calls a prescription into Stephens Compounding Pharmacy, a pharmacist prepares a medication that meets the individual needs of your pet.

The medications and information you need when you need them.
When your veteran sends a prescription, the medication will be ready within 24 hours. We will give you a courtesy call to let you know the prescription has been received and answer your questions.