About Stephens Pharmacy


Stephens Compounding Pharmacy, established in 2010 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Jerry and Sheila Stephens met at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and married in 1979. They have enjoyed many pharmacy adventures over the years and are proud parents of two children. Spencer and his wife Jen of Birmingham, AL continue the Stephens Pharmacy tradition, they are both pharmacists graduating from Samford University School of Pharmacy and own two pharmacies in the Birmingham metro area. Their daughter, Elizabeth is also a pharmacist. She graduated with a Pharm.D. Degree from South Carolina College of Pharmacy, Charleston, SC.

Stephens Compounding Pharmacy is committed to serving both the human health and veterinary markets. Our most common human health compounded preparations include urology, ophthalmology and retina, obstetrics/gynecology, addiction, dentistry, endocrinology, and dermatology. Our veterinary experience includes many prescriptions for companion animals like dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets, and horses.

If you need a custom compounded preparation, Stephens Compounding Pharmacy is here to serve. With a vast array of FDA-approved raw material, our team of compounding pharmacists can reach and develop the custom preparation for which you are looking.

What makes Stephens Compounding Pharmacy different is that it really is all about YOU!

Our philosophy is that problems are meant to be solved, not carried around like so much unwanted baggage. We are solving problems related to weight loss, hormone balance, sleep disorders and pain just to mention a few.

How do we do it?

• Use of customized doses based on your body chemistry

• We know your physician and can consult directly with them

• Alternative ideas for nutrition

• A team of specially trained pharmacists available for consultation

• Proven Safety Standards that assure your medication is the correct potency

If you are ready to feel valued and would like to know more about the SCP difference, the time is now. Visit our pharmacy on Mathews Drive, Hilton Head, SC or call one of our talented team members.