Simply said, dads rule.

Simply said, dads rule. Us moms could not do it without y’all. You’re not only our soul mate, but you’re usually the one who makes milestone moments like that first bike ride without training wheels and that special walk down the aisle. In honor of you, I wanted to share a celebratory, heart-healthy recipe and […]

Sign Up Now for Our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program

Last month I shared some inspirational stories about people just like you who have faced health and wellness challenges and with a little “fabulousity” experienced great success. I want to motivate you to reach your highest potential by offering you our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program—which includes a complimentary assessment and 6 health coaching sessions for only […]

Eat Your Way To Good Health

Eat Your Way To Good Health Do you want to know my secret to eating my way to good health? My number one tip is to combine protein (such as poultry, fish, meat and eggs) with non-starchy veggies for best digestion. Examples of non-starchy veggies include: amaranth, asparagus, baby corn, bamboo shoots, green beans, bean […]

Dr. Sheila’s Kitchen March

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, each year March inspires me to do some spring cleaning. In honor of this month, I am going to focus on how you can get your kitchen, your diet and your body spick and span with tips, recipes and special events. This week, I thought […]

The Hormone Cure

Last week we introduced you to Stephens Compounding Pharmacy’s new wellness initiative—Dr. Sheila’s LIFE-style RX Book Club. The “RX Club” is based on my 4-step prescription to fabulousity: Love yourself, life and those around you. Integrate complementary and conventional medicine. Fortify your relationships, your spiritual being, your surroundings, your mind and your body. Envision your […]

Achieve Your 2015 Resolution with Dr. Sheila

Part of celebrating the New Year is embracing positive health changes and setting realistic, life-enriching goals. As a Duke trained integrated health coach from Duke Integrative Medicine, I am committed to helping your life be fuller, more balanced, and more vivacious—and thus even more fabulous. The Wheel of Health (as pictured) is encompassed by conventional […]