Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air and to celebrate everyone at Stephens Compounding Pharmacy is excited to kick start a new wellness initiative for you. Every week we will be sending you quick, healthy recipes and beauty tips, as well as information on upcoming, life-changing special events, inspirational stories and ways you can win big and […]

Good News for Men

Good News for Men: A Testimonial from Larry Green Larry Green recalls, “I was feeling tired with little energy. My doctor did some tests and determined I had low testosterone and prescribed a commercial topical treatment. My reaction to it was the opposite of the desired result. I felt as though I had the flu […]

Feel Fabulous – Not Fat Weight Loss

Benefits: • Focus on gut healing • Boost Metabolism – create lean muscle • Burst the fat inflator hormone (insulin) • Stop Counting Calories – Points – Exchanges • Kicking out Stress • Coaching with Dr. Sheila • Live and Webinar formats • Private FB community – burst the isolation bubble Group Program – Over 8 weeks, you will receive: • TWO Bio-impedance analysis […]

Take No Prisoners

What if you asked your mirror – “Whose the most Beautiful of all?” and it spoke back – YOU! While our mirrors may not speak out loud, we do ask that question of ourselves – Do I look rested, glowing skin with a beautiful smile? That is timeless beauty – this is an inside out […]

We need your help!

We need your help! The Senate has passed Bill S-959 which can seriously restrict your rights to personalized, customized medications. Congress will be voting in mid-July. This is a result of a rogue compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts that acted in violation of all standards set forth by their state board of pharmacy. It was a tragedy […]

Sign Up Now for Our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program

Last month I shared some inspirational stories about people just like you who have faced health and wellness challenges and with a little “fabulousity” experienced great success. I want to motivate you to reach your highest potential by offering you our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program—which includes a complimentary assessment and 6 health coaching sessions for only […]

We love mom!

I recently saw a Youtube video that as a mother—and with so many clients who are mothers, too—I was moved and motivated to include a new line in the pharmacy. (Click here to see the video.) As a result, please welcome FabMom to the Stephens Compounding Pharmacy family. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we decided […]