Dr. Wilhemina Challenges Stress!



You can get better at stress. Volumes are written on the harmful effects of stress. It makes you sick, tired and fat. Recent research by Health Psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, PhD. on how to make stress an ally is a breath of fresh air on the subject. Perhaps, even a message that will make you have more courage and deeper compassion. In her book on the topic, The Upside of Stress and TED talk, she presents research that demonstrates what you believe about stress impacts the outcome. In a study with 30, 000 participants that were followed for 8 years, participants were asked how much stress they experienced and also did they believe the stress to be harmful. Those that responded that stress was harmful had a 43% increased risk of death. The participants that did not believe the stress to be harmful showed no increased risk.

What makes stress the culprit of cardiovascular disease? When the stress response is triggered by the brain, there is a release of adrenaline, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. This very important response to stress creates damage if sustained over time. What you believe about the stress can change the physical dynamics of the body. In moments and perhaps seasons of stress, the ability to reframe and allow the brain to inform the body that this rapid heartrate, fast breathing, and heightened awareness is the means to rise to the challenge. The body will believe what the brain is telling it.

When the brain is summoned to the stress cry, another neuro-hormone is released, oxytocin. It has been well-publicized as the “cuddle” hormone. Oxytocin causes blood vessels to relax and can create a balancing biological response to the adrenaline. This important hormone is released from the pituitary gland just like adrenaline. It causes a desire for social support, is a natural anti-inflammatory that affect the cells of the heart to heal damage from cellular stress. Oxytocin release allows the body to be resilient to stress, creates more empathy in our hearts and a desire to connect with others.

Stress in life is a strong indicator that you have a life of purpose. You are making a difference. What is important to embrace is that you can get better at bouncing back from stress.

The body is a big Chemistry lab – treat it that way. There is an unchallenged belief that the body systems operate in isolation. There is no way to tease out an organ system without impacting the rest of the body. For example: High cholesterol is treated with drugs called statins. The impact of these drugs while lowering cholesterol also decreases the energy producing capability of the cells of muscle and the brain. The right combination of chemicals in the body creates strength to withstand stress. These are my top 3 nutritional supports for rising to the challenge:

• Magnesium Glycinate 300-600 mg at bedtime. Over 300 different metabolic functions depend on this mineral.

• Vitamin D 3 – sublingual drops 3000-10,000 Units daily in the MORNING. The dosage form is important to get maximum absorption. Drops under the tongue by pass the stomach and go

directly into circulation. The time of day is also vital, because Vitamin D can compete with melatonin which is released from the pineal gland and creates a diurnal rhythm for sleep

• Dr. Sheila Probiotic – this customized formulation of probiotic helps to increase the production of Vitamin B, is specially packaged to deliver the five major strains of probiotic and is tested for adherence to the gut and is not created from a dairy source.


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