Month: June 2015

We need your help!

We need your help! The Senate has passed Bill S-959 which can seriously restrict your rights to personalized, customized medications. Congress will be voting in mid-July. This is a result of a rogue compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts that acted in violation of all standards set forth by their state board of pharmacy. It was a tragedy […]

Simply said, dads rule.

Simply said, dads rule. Us moms could not do it without y’all. You’re not only our soul mate, but you’re usually the one who makes milestone moments like that first bike ride without training wheels and that special walk down the aisle. In honor of you, I wanted to share a celebratory, heart-healthy recipe and […]

Sign Up Now for Our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program

Last month I shared some inspirational stories about people just like you who have faced health and wellness challenges and with a little “fabulousity” experienced great success. I want to motivate you to reach your highest potential by offering you our Summer L.I.F.E-style Program—which includes a complimentary assessment and 6 health coaching sessions for only […]